Meet The Team | Peter

Peter - Lomi Lomi Massage Specialist

"I began massaging eight years ago, self taught from a book to help a loved one combat stress and anxiety. It did that trick and I found a love and passion for massage and also discovered the new career I had been looking for. 

I decided to do a diploma in Holistic massage and started a wonderful journey. I specialise in the incredible Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage which uses a combination of forearms, elbows, palms, fingers, knuckles, knees, feet, sticks and stones to transfer ‘The Loving Touch’, making a healing connection with the client.

Lomi Lomi aims to treat the body and mind as one whole being. It is thought to:
- Release tension
- Assist blood and lymph flow
- Eliminate waste and stimulate toxins
- Rejuvenate the body
- Instil a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing"

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