Blow Dry Your Hair At Home - Step By Step Tutorial

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Blow Dry Your Hair At Home - Step By Step Tutorial

We believe that a good old fashioned blow-dry is key if you want to keep your hair healthy and shiny. It may take time when you’re initially carrying out the process but if you get the technique right then a great blow-dry can last up to a week! 

Here are some useful tips:

- Use a nozzle alongside your hairdryer as this helps to direct the flow of heat down the shaft of the hair and allows the cuticle to close fully which will create a smoother surface so the natural light can bounce off it and create shine.

- Blast the roots, mid-lengths and ends off until they are 70% dry to prevent unnecessary arm ache and also to create volume to the hair if desired.

- Once 70% dry, apply a blow-dry cream or heat protector to prevent over use as excess water can dilute the product.

- The brushes we use and recommend are eco-friendly and made of pure boar-bristle so they create just enough tension of the hair without causing any heat damage like metal brushes can do, these are branded Regincos.

- If you're new to blow-drying, use plenty of sectioning clips to help you to control the blow-dry and also stop any damp hair from falling of top of pre blown hair sections. 

If you'd like some further tuition, we offer virtual 1-1 blow drying lessons and in this session, we'll include a full assessment of the tools, products and brushes you already use at home. We also include iron styling in this lesson too. If you'd like to book a session, please visit our Contact Us page to get in touch. 

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