Hair Dreams Hair Extensions FAQs

What are Hair Dreams Hair Extensions for?

There are so many ways you can use Hair Dreams:

- Thickening out the fringe area
- Creating volume all over
- Giving length or thickness to a growing out bob
- Transformation to long thick luscious hair
- Adding colour without dying your natural hair

Which techniques of Hair Dreams application do you offer?

We use the single bonded machine as they are very discreet and are fantastic for clients that are 35+ who may have lost volume and thickness in the past few years and don’t want their extensions to be noticeable. 

We also use the new Hair Dreams tapes which are brilliant if you hair is weak at the root area and needs an even gentler Hair extensions

How long do they last?

The single bonds can last up to 6 months and require zero in salon maintenance and then we donate the hair to The Princess Trust where they make wigs for children with cancer.

The tape hair is refitted every 2-3 months in salon and the hair is reusable for multiple applications

Can they damage my hair?

Hair Dreams are completely compatible with your hair and scalp. When the hair is wet, it swells and so do the bonds of the extensions. Once the hair is dry, the bond retracts causing zero damage as the hair isn't trapped. The weight ratio of the bond being attached to the hair is exactly the same so no tension is being created.

Are they visible?

We make sure we position the extensions 2cm up from the nape of the neck and hair line so if you want to create a sleek pony tail then the bonds will not be seen. Also, the bonds are the exact same colour as the hair so they are simply invisible.

Is Hair Dreams hair real?

Yes - it is 100% human hair. It's the only hair in the world that comes with a 100% authenticity stamp. When the hair is cut, it is plaited first so that the cuticles all face the correct way round preventing the hair from shedding once it is brushed. So after 6 months the thickness will have remained the same as when they were applied.

Where does the hair come from?

Hair Dreams hair is all ethically sourced from India and there is no cruelty whatsoever. The hair is donated as part of a celebratory ritual and for every strand of hair we buy, the money is invested back into local communities in India.

How much does it cost?

The price varies on the desired thickness and length you would like to achieve. If you're interested in coming in for a consultation at Xenos Haven, we can discuss your budget and work out the best treatment for you.

What's the upkeep?

Hair Dreams bonds have zero upkeep, you can just treat them as your own hair. After three months, we recommend a maintenance check-up to trim your hair, check the bonds and re-apply any that have been lost (for a small additional charge). We like to make clients aware that it's normal to lose up to a maximum of four bonds in the the first few months.

Are you covid safe?

Yes, we have been health & safety approved by Peninsula. We use hand sanitiser upon entering the salon, keeping our clients at a 2 metre distance and we will wear visors or masks if requested.

If you have any other questions regarding Hair Dreams luxury extensions or would like to book a free online consultation, please get in touch via email or by visiting our Contact Us page and one of our team will get back to you.