The Beauty Of Going Grey

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The Beauty Of Going Grey

The beauty of being a hairdresser is that you get to create the most fulfilling relationships with your clients, spending a couple of hours every 6-8 weeks over a period of 16 years creates such a beautiful bond.

You watch as your clients go through their own life journeys and you experience the ups and downs with them as though you are experiencing it for yourself. I have been privileged to spend the most special day of a clients life and make them feel incredible on their wedding day, it really is a wonderful job to have. Meeting their beautiful new born babies and giving then their first haircut before school... wow, what a privilege! My clientele who have stayed by my side since I started as a spotty teenage apprentice at the age of 16 have continued to follow me throughout my hairdressing career, and for that - I can't thank them enough.

This year I've spent a lot of time working with my clients to help them gain confidence in being proud of their natural grey hair. During lockdown it was a perfect time to take that giant leap and go au naturel, and they have absolutely succeeded. This is now one of my specialist areas as I've spent the last year converting many of my clients from dark brown to light ash blonde/grey.

If anyone would like some advice on this subject then please drop me a message. There are lots of variants to choose from as you embrace going lighter and I'd be happy to help. Visit our Contact Us page for all the ways you can get in touch! 

Hayley x

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